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Ubisi Automotive Diagnosing Service and Suspension is a privately owned company (PTY LTD)
which was registered in November in 2017. It is also owned by a male sole trader who comes from a previously disadvantage background, and it is 100% BEEE owned company. Prior to starting the business, I have been employed in the same automotive industry from 2009 - 2018, therefore with the experience, expertise and knowledge which I’ve acquired from the companies which I have been working at and my latest being Mercedes Benz which is a very well-known brand, makes it easier for me to venture into my own brand.

To break the barriers of fear and challenge the world of business with confidence. Speed up change and transformation. Ubisi Automotive does not only strive to provide quality services and goods to clients, but also goes beyond becoming just service providers, but engaging in skills and training developmental programs to unemployed youth with the sole purpose of creating employment and self-employment opportunities.