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Diagnosing, suspension and service
Major services:
Supply: engine oil, oil filter, dust filter, air filter, fuel filter spark plugs, wiper blades etc. (All brand new)
 Suspension, brake system, shocks, steering rack etc.
Service: service in diagnosing, suspension and service.
Target Market
My target market is mainly based on clients with motor plans as well as walk in customers. The benefits of working with motor plans, about 80% of vehicles are insured whether it’s a company car or an individual’s asset it is already on a motor plan. That is where Ubisi automotive comes in to bridge the gap as there is no workshop in our community that offers that type of service.
The competition which I’m surrounded by is the big brands which are well known, therefore it becomes a challenge for me to compete with them. But that challenge will help me learn more about the environment and what strategies which will help me to improve my business.